Dolly Parton’s 1977 Album ‘Here You Come Again’ Is Still A Musical Masterpiece

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When it comes to country music, few names are as iconic is that of the great Dolly Parton.

With her career truly beginning to take off around 1967 when she was on the Porter Wagoner show, Dolly has found a plethora of ways to stay relevant over the years, and she has done continually done it with grace and class. And if longevity is the sign of legendary talent, Dolly has experienced her fair share of milestones in her career. This year alone, she celebrated 51 years of being a Grand Ole Opry member.

But 43 years ago, Dolly Parton released her Here You Come Again album, which quickly became one of her best-selling albums of all time. This album resulted in a handful of award nominations and wins, but also drew in a crowd who would become lifelong Dolly Parton fans.

For fans of all genres, Here You Come Again taps into Dolly’s country roots, yet also incorporates some 70s pop influences. It’s a personal favorite of mine because of how timeless it still is, and how seamless it feels to listen to.

So without further ado, lets dig into this album.

“Here You Come Again”

As the title track of the record, this song has become one of Dolly’s biggest career hits. It hit #1 on the Billboard US Hot Country Singles chart and sat at the top of charts internationally. Dolly shows off her playful side and effortlessly delivers a smash hit.

“Here you come again
Lookin’ better than a body has a right to
And shakin’ me up so, that all I really know
Is here you come again, and here I go.”

“Two Doors Down”

Easily one of the most fun Dolly songs of all time. The song begins with Dolly being heartbroken but evolves over time as she ventures out into a night filled with friends, fun, and love. This single encourages the listener to feel good and let loose.

“Two doors down they’re laughing and drinking and having a party
And two doors down they’re not aware that I’m around
But here I am crying my heart out, feeling sorry
But they’re having a party just two doors down.

“Sweet Music Man”

This is a special one. Written solo by Kenny Rogers himself, it makes perfect sense that Dolly would cut this song. In 1977, Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette, and Kenny Rogers independently released their own versions of “Sweet Music Man” as a part of each of their records that year.

Years later, icons including Waylon Jennings and Reba McEntire would go on to record their own versions of the song as well.

“Sing a song sweet music man ’cause I won’t be there
To hold your hand like I used to, I’m through with you
You’re a heck of a singer and powerful man but you surround yourself
With people who demand so little of you.”

“Baby, Come Out Tonight”

A sweet song about being so blinded by love that you are distracted from the real world around you.

“Baby, won’t you come out tonight
Just come up the hill
‘Cause there’s a full moon on the risin’
Hey baby, can’t you steal away
You know I really need to see you tonight.”

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