Nashville Police Find “Human Remains” Near RV Blast Site As Investigation Continues

A man in a police uniform

We’re now about 24 hours into the investigation, and it appears as though Nashville Metro Police, working alongside other law enforcement agencies, have discovered human remains near the place where the RV bomb was detonated.

According to ABC News, Nashville Metro Police Chief John Drake revealed that “human remains” have been found near the blast site during a press conference on Friday evening. At the moment, they’re not sure if the remains are a victim of the attack or the somebody connected to the bomb, but they are being examined.

“We found tissue that we believe could be human remains… We’ll have that examined and we’ll be able to tell you from that point.”

The blast has been captured on video by multiple security cameras, as has the RV prior to the explosion, however, any possible suspects have yet to be revealed.

The explosion injured three people, all with non-critical injures, and more than 40 buildings were damaged, many with structural damage. The damage could have been much worse had a recorded warning message not been playing from the RV.

A video of the aftermath shows an aerial view of the damage on Second Avenue.

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