Linebacker Will Compton’s Haircut Is SO Bad, The Titans Put Him On The Injury Report

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You know it’s rough when even your employer is roasting your new haircut.

Titans linebacker Will Compton got a new haircut. Which isn’t really newsworthy except…yikes.

Well sure enough, Compton heard all about his new haircut from his teammates when he showed up to practice.

Fellow linebacker Daren Bates said that Compton’s haircut “looks like a Highway Patrolman.”

And he even shared some pictures from the locker room of teammates “admiring” Compton’s new look.

Well then the Titans had to get in on the action themselves, tweeting that they were putting Compton on the injury list due to the new haircut.

Absolutely brutal.

So what would motivate Compton to get a haircut that looks like it was done by a drunk teammate after losing a bet? I mean, barber shops in Nashville are open right now so it’s not like he has to cut his hair himself.

Well apparently, Compton is a big fan of the British TV show “Peaky Blinders” and decided to rock the Tommy Shelby look for the team’s trip to Green Bay this weekend.

Now I’ve never watched Peaky Blinders, but I gotta admit, after looking up Tommy Shelby, I think Compton nailed the haircut.

But at the same time…maybe wear a hat until you’re ready to show off the full costume.

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