Buffalo Bills DE Trent Murphy Celebrates AFC East Championship With 10-Point Buck In The Endzone

Trent Murphy holding a large animal

How can you not love the Buffalo Bills?

A rabid fan base that grew stronger through years and years of disappointing seasons, a badass young quarterback, more snow games than anyone, their first AFC East Championship since 1995, I mean, it’s hard to imagine that anything can make you like them more.

Insert Trent Murphy.

The Bills starting defensive end posted a picture of his 2nd buck of the year, this time in an absolute all-time great, hall-of-fame location: The end zone of Bills Stadium.

“Anyone know the last time a AFC East Champ or a Ten point buck were in this Endzone? Me either, Merry Christmas yuh filthy animals.”

I mean, come on, who carries their deer out of the woods and poses with it in an NFL Stadium? An absolute POWER move.

The Bills play the Patriots this Monday, before they close out the 2020 season against Miami. And if 2020 wasn’t crazy enough, you know it’s a wild year when the Pats are eliminated from the playoffs and the Bills clinched the Division with 2 weeks to go… and I’m all for it.

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