Dump Truck Plows Into Zanies Comedy Club In Nashville, Takes Out Mural Of Nate Bargatze’s Face

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Welp, this sucks…

It’s bad enough that comedy clubs are struggling to fight this damn Coronavirus, and all the regulations that come with it, but now they have to worry about runaway dump trucks crashing through the walls too?

Zanies Nashville, one of the premiere comedy clubs in the South, had a runaway dump truck crash through the walls today. According to News Channel 5, the driver forgot to utilize the emergency break, and the dump truck rolled down the street, into the building, and through the wall, taking out a mural of well-known Nashville comedian (and one of my personal favorites) Nate Bargatze.

And Nate did what he does best, he made a joke about the incident:

“This is the new way for Zanies to fit the COVID standards is to have outside seating, so I think they got it now. I think they could have just opened the door. I honestly thought my face was the safest of being hit… you have these barriers its like there’s no way ill ever be hit.”

Thankfully, nobody was hurt, but hopefully they can get the building fixed and get back to business sooner, rather than later.

Comedian, podcast host, UFC commentator and BIG Colter Wall guy, the great and powerful Joe Rogan, also commented on the scene.

“Sending out my love to Zanies Nashville, one of my all time favorite clubs. A truck slammed into the building today. I hope they can rebuild quickly.”

And speaking of Nate Bargatze… he’s fucking hilarious. If you haven’t already, check him out.

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