Idaho Dad Shows Up To His Daughter’s High School Dressed Like Buddy The Elf

Can never go wrong with a Buddy the Elf costume.

We recently saw a Maine man meet his biological father dressed as Buddy (epic move), and now, the trend has migrated to Idaho.

According to KTBV, Idaho dad Greg Sumison recently picked up his 14-year-old daughter Alayna from Middleton High School, naturally he could just pull up and quietly wait in the car like a normal dad. Nope, Greg pulled out all the stops.

In a full blown Buddy the Elf costume, Greg set out to give his daughter and her classmates a laugh. And he nailed it.

“‘What is wrong with you?’ those were my first words because I know this is something that he would do, but I knew that my mom would pick me up. I wasn’t aware that my dad would be joining her.

And so I was like, ‘That looks a lot like my dad.’ As I walked out the school doors, and then all of a sudden he comes running over and I’m like, ‘That is definitely with my dad,’ and it was so funny.”

Props to the kid for being a good sport on this one.

Plenty of kids, myself included at that age, would want to crawl in a hole. In fact, I was a big proponent of getting dropped off a block away. Under the guise of “eh, don’t want you to get into this traffic,” I’d just tell my pops to drop me off down the street.

Saves him time, saves me potential embarrassment… it’s a win win.

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