Brutal Wreck Caught On Helmet Cam Shows Motorcycle And Deer Obliterating Each Other

A squirrel on a motorcycle

Ouch and ouch.

First, the bad news. The deer here did not survive this high impact collision, as the rider said the deer “died on impact.” After you see this, you won’t be surprised.

The dude on the other hand was lucky.

Tristin Grint was driving through the scenic Coos Bay in Oregon, when a deer jumped out in front of his Harley bike as he was going about 55 mph. With almost no time to react, he hit the deer straight on and went FLYING.

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Tristin said the wreck resulted in some pretty serious road rash, bruising, and a torn tendon in his right hand.

“The bike is in rough shape but I’m currently rebuilding it so I can ride again.”

Wear your helmets, people.

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