Deer Comes Out Swinging, Fights Off Two Dogs During Squirrel Hunt In East Texas

A dog running through a snowy forest

Those pups got more than they bargained for.

A video from an East Texas swamp shows a doe fighting off two curious, but seemingly gentle, dogs that got too close for comfort.

The people filming were out on a squirrel hunt when the dogs, Bella and Bo, “flushed out a bedded doe right before calling it a day.”

“We were at our property in East Texas and my husband and I took our kids squirrel hunting. Bella, the white dog, flushed out a bedded doe right before we were going to call it a day. They chased her through the swamp and Bo, the brown dog, jumped on the deer’s back,” the hunters explained.

She didn’t take too kindly to that.

They continued, “She got scared and they ended up cornering her where I started filming. My husband didn’t take the shot because hunting deer in Texas with dogs is illegal. We made the dogs leave her alone and she walked away safely. No animals were harmed.”

No animals were hurt, but that deer came out SWINGING.

Check this out.

Sometimes, you might run into a buck, who acts like a dog, during a squirrel hunt.

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