Eric Church Celebrates The Ones “Doing Life With Me” In New Studio Video

If you didn’t’ know (I know many of you do), but for the ones that don’t, Eric wrote and recorded this entire (double, triple) album prior to COVID. Before quarantine was a thing, before shows got canceled, before we had to go weeks and months without seeing our friends and families, before we lost jobs and loved ones… this entire project came together before all of that.

Of course, when you listen to it, especially songs like “Stick That In Your Country Song,” “Crazyland,” “Through My Ray-Bans” and now “Doing Life With Me,” it’s not hard to see why some folks think they were written amidst the chaos of this year, a reflection and response to it.

Divine intervention? Maybe…

In the new studio video for “Doing Life With Me,” we get to see select scenes from earlier in Eric’s career, moments with fans, a Jack Daniel’s toast with the band… it’s a heartfelt celebration of the ones “doing life with me.” And I can’t wait until we can all celebrate together again.

Oh, and I see you rockin’ that Whiskey Riff shirt Driver… respect.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock