Nebraska Dad Builds Incredible Squirrel Obstacle Course In His Backyard

COVID has resulted in plenty of DIY projects at the house this year.

With the extra time home, a dad in Nebraska decided to put his efforts behind something a little different…a squirrel obstacle course right in his backyard, around his patio.

Rebecca Barker gave some more details:

“During the COVID shut down, my husband starting feeding the squirrels and got the idea to make it a little more difficult for them to get the food, by creating an obstacle course.”

Squirrels are pretty cool, I get it.

“It grew from a couple of poles with a rope strung between them to various orbs, planks, and ladders they have to navigate through to get to peanuts and other seeds. The final component was the jar feeder we named, The Crystal Palace. The bucket in the center has peanuts in the shell. There’s a mesh bag with a ‘nut ball’ suspended and a tray with a mix of nuts especially mixed for squirrels.”

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“In addition, a chair with an ear of corn and a bungee cord with corn on it. There’s also a small watering hole connected to the railing. These squirrels have entertained us for the past 9 months learning how to get through or jump over the obstacles, through trial and error. Some of our favorite moments are watching them fall and get right back up again. This video shows a couple of squirrels on the course, which is unusual since they are quite territorial and chase other squirrels away.”

Check it out.

Those thicc Iowa squirrels wouldn’t stand a chance.

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