Miranda Lambert’s “White Liar” Is Country Music Revenge At Its Finest

We need to take a minute to reminisce on this Hall of Fame music video from Miranda Lambert’s third studio album Revolution. Miranda has always had a song for every mood and occasion, but this one from back in 2009, is an absolute gem.

Written by Miranda along with longtime collaborator Natalie Hemby, “White Liar” is essentially, a “two can play that game” scenario where she finds out the man she’s about to marry is cheating on her and she seeks revenge. And if you haven’t noticed by now, she doesn’t mess around. In any song where a man has done her wrong, it doesn’t end well for them.

As she floats down the aisle, the sheepish grin on her face almost gives everything away. Don’t worry, though. She’s more than happy to reveal the secret herself and get the final word. Turns out, the groom had been cheating on her with multiple girls (who are, of course, in attendance at the wedding).

Just when they’re about to say their vows (with guest preacher Jamey Johnson), Miranda reveals that she herself has a secret too… and then proceeds to make out with the best man. A bona fide savage, that Miranda. The groom is ultimately (and rightfully) left standing at the end of the altar alone.

The song would eventually peek at number two on the Billboard Hot Country Chart, but the video will always be a number one in our hearts. Take notes ladies.

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