Koe Wetzel Covers Randy Rogers Band’s “In My Arms Instead” Way Back In 2011

Now, it’s almost hard to imagine Koe Wetzel without his signature dark long hair and tattoos. But there is proof, at one time… it existed.

In this old video, a baby-faced (and beardless) Wetzel covers the great Randy Rogers Band’s “In My Arms Instead.”

Written by Randy alongside Sean McConnell, “In My Arms Instead” was a cut from RRB’s 2008, self-titled record, Randy Rogers Band. However, Koe’s performance comes to us from 2011, when he performed at a District FFA Competition.

And even back then he performed like a pro.

Almost ten years ago I’m sure even he couldn’t have imagined where his music would take him. Flash forward to today, with the success of his album Harold Saul High, and his most recent release Sellout, his career is on the fast-track to stardom. He’s one of, if not the, most prominent young performers coming out of Texas right now.

“Cold And Alone”

Kuntry & Kristmus.

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