Budweiser Wants To Put Your Dog On A Holiday Can

A group of cans with dogs in them

This Bud’s for you… and your dog.

Today, Budweiser is teaming up with We Rate Dogs to put pups on the front of some of their holiday cans. You heard that correctly, a real, holiday can of Budweiser with you dog’s mug on it.

“We’ve teamed up with We Rate Dogs to put your pups on our Holiday Buds in this thread and some of you may get a real Bud can sent to you with your pup on it!”

All you have to do is comment on tweet with a pic of your pup and Budweiser might be sending you your very own can.

I mean, look at some these good boys.

Is there anything better than puppies and beer?

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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock