84-Year-Old Hunter Harvests First Bull Elk In 53 Years Of Hunting

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Greg Keller

Scratch that one off the bucket list.

Washington native John Keller has been hunting since 1967, but in his entire 53 year career, he had never been able to bag a big bull elk. Until recently…

According to the Spokesman, Keller and his family started their quest for a big bull on the very first day that the tag would allow, but after days and days of no luck, morale was fading fast.

“In something like that, you have to go out every day,” John said.

But then, with a just a couple days left to fil the tag, Keller spotted a big ol’ bull about 100 yards away. A direct hit. The family was able to track him down into a canyon where he laid to rest. Keller finally had his monster elk.

On the Boone and Crockett Club’s antler scoring system, the bull registered a green-score of 340… goo enough for largest in the entire family.

“The hunt was great,” said John, “with my son and grandson and son-in-law. It was great.”

Humble dude. Gotta love it.

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