The Internet Is 100% Convinced Lamar Jackson Had To Poop During Last Night’s Ravens Game

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It doesn’t matter when nature calls, sometimes you’ve got to answer.

Fans are speculating that’s what happened during Monday Night Football this week, when Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson inexplicably left the game in the fourth quarter due to “cramps.”

However, once video surfaced of Jackson running back to the locker room, many people thought they recognized the kind of “cramps” Jackson was suffering from.

Jackson would eventually return to the game for the next series and lead the Ravens to a win over the Browns (insert joke about taking the Browns to the Super Bowl here) with a game-winning field goal by Justin Tucker in the last seconds.

But Jackson’s quick return just led to even more speculation that his cramps were really a cover for having to drop a deuce during the game.

And even Jackson’s teammate Robert Griffin III got in on the shit-talking.

But after the game, Jackson addressed the situation, saying that he didn’t “pull a Paul Pierce,” a reference of course to Pierce’s admission that his “injury” during Game 1 of the 2008 NBA Finals when his teammates carried him to a wheelchair was really just him needing to go to the bathroom.

According to Jackson, he really was cramping and had to go back to the locker room to receive IV fluids during the game.

The internet, of course, isn’t convinced.

And either way, it was a hell of a game and a great win by the Ravens over a surprisingly-not-terrible-this-year Browns team.

Although, if you took the Browns at plus 3.5, you’re still thinking about that damn safety…

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