Some Guy Paid UFC Announcer Bruce Buffer $299 Bucks To Dump His Girlfriend On Cameo

Bruce Buffer with his mouth open

If you’ve ever seen a UFC fight, you undoubtedly recognize the iconic voice of announcer Bruce Buffer.

The official octagon announcer for the UFC, Bruce is known for his powerhouse voice, his epic introductions, and his signature catch phrase, “IIIIIITT’S TIIIIIIMMMMMMEEEE.”

And for one unlucky girl named Kaylee (Kayleigh, Kayley, Kailee… seriously there’s a million ways to spell this name), it’s time… for her to pack her shit and hit the bricks.

That’s right people, some dude hired Bruce to dump his girlfriend. According to Bruce’s cameo account, which is usually reserved for birthdays, well-wishes, maybe other motivational or funny stuff, some guy forked over $299 (Bruce’s fee) to have him send his girlfriend a breakup message. And Bruce did not disappoint.

I mean, I suppose there are worse ways of getting dumped… right?

If you want to hire Bruce, be my guest.

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