Brothers Osborne’s “Muskrat Greene” Does Not Get Enough Love

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We can all agree on one thing: Brothers Osborne is a badass duo.

But the casual fan might tend to overlook such an integral half of the duo, a huge part of what makes them so incredible… the great John Osborne. Make no mistake, he is easily one of the best guitarists in country music.

With country radio’s obsession with pop music and snap tracks, it is completely refreshing to hear music from Brothers Osborne, who make it a point to put musicianship at the forefront of what they do. One of the most important aspects of what makes Brothers Osborne such a great duo is the dynamic between the brothers’ abilities. Lead singer TJ Osborne has a deep voice and perfect drawl that hooks you in immediately, but John is able to perfectly compliment it with his phenomenal guitar playing.

However, one of the tracks that puts the spotlight on John… “Muskrat Greene.”

Totally instrumental, it’s a boot stompin’ demonstration of his killer chicken-pickin’ skills. His fast-tempo tele twang will get your heart racing right up until the moment that it perfectly fades into “Dead Man’s Curve” (when you’re listening to Skeletons the old-fashioned way… in album order).

Just wait until we get to hear this one live…

“Muskrat Greene”

If you want a quick taste of that John Osborne guitar shredding, check out this live concert.

And if you’re a guitar nerd like me, you can check out Brothers Osborne’s Rig Rundown to learn about all of their gear.

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