This 16-Team College Football Tournament Is Exactly What We Need

A screenshot of a video game

2020 has been a weird year, that goes without saying…

In a world where everything has looked completely different (frankly awful), including the sports world, why can’t we try something new for College Football as well? Something epic.

This Twitter account, CFB Playoff Edits, has come up with a 16-team College Football playoff and it’s giving off major March Madness vibes.

In this scenario, the highest seed plays against the lowest seed and so on and so forth until we widdle it down from 16, to eight, then four, and then a championship game. The matchups are as follows:

1 Alabama vs 16 Iowa
9 Georgia vs 8 Cincinnati
5 Texas AM vs 12 Indiana
13 Coastal Carolina vs 4 Ohio State

2 Notre Dame vs 15 USC
10 Miami vs 7 Iowa State
6 Florida vs 11 Oklahoma
14 Northwestern vs 3 Clemson

How it works now, is there are four teams selected to compete for the Championship in the College Football Playoffs. This format has been in place since the 2014 season, and has featured Alabama or Clemson (or sometimes both) each year except for the inaugural one.

In this format, there’s a chance we’ll see a different outcome and the chance for an upset is greater with four wins needed to win the Championship.

I’m all on board for this. Sign me up for four weeks of playoff games and let’s get after it.

And if that’s not plausible (because a 16-team tournament probably isn’t), what about an 8-team playoff?

A 12-team?

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