Sturgill Simpson Releases Bluegrass Version Of “You Can Have The Crown” Featuring Rewritten Verse

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Sturgill’s “You Can Have The Crown” is a popular cut from his debut High Top Mountain record. And while it has become quite a fan favorite over the years, Sturgill had for the most part retired from playing it.

Originally written as a satire of laundry list, cliché country songs in Nashville, Sturgill wrote it about his life (and struggle) at the time. Even in the studio, he knew he was going to regret it, and lo and behold, it’s a song that everybody wants to hear. And now that he’s achieved the success that he has, it no longer seems relevant, or even that funny, to him anymore. Hence, why he doesn’t play it.

But to our pleasant surprise, a new bluegrass version made Cuttin’ Grass Vol. 2, featuring a newly-written verse.

“Lord, I finally got out of my record deal
and now these bluegrass tunes is buying all my meals,
and we’re all just pawns in the game of life, like Mongo.”

Gotta love that Blazing Saddles reference…

He explains why he doesn’t play it anymore in the beginning of this video.

Also, this old performance from Sun King Brewery happens to be one of my go-to hangover videos… I don’t know, it just is.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock