Dad Who Passed Away Six Years Ago Buys Son His First Beer On His 21st Birthday – Budweiser Sends Him Cases

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Matt Goodman never got to have a beer with his dad.

The 21-year old Massachusetts man lost his father, John, to cancer six years ago. But before he passed, John wanted to make sure that he was able to buy his son his first (legal) beer. So this past weekend, that’s exactly what he did.

Before he passed, John had given Matt’s sister, Casey, a $10 bill and told her to save it for Matt’s 21st birthday so that he could buy Matt his first drink. Casey and her mother kept it in an envelope in a closet for 6 years – and kept it a secret from Matt until he turned 21.

This weekend, the night before he turned 21, the family finally gave Matt the $10, and the following morning they went out to breakfast so that John could buy Matt his first beer.

Matt posted a picture of him enjoying the beer from his dad – and he chose a Bud Light, which was his dad’s favorite beer (classic).

And after hearing Matt’s story, Budweiser decided that they would take care of the next few rounds.

That’s just like a dad – wanting to take care of his son, even after he’s gone.

And I bet that was the best beer Matt will ever have.

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