Whiskey Myers’ Cody Cannon Hunts Ducks With MeatEater Host Steve Rinella

My first rifle was a .243…

Cody Cannon, the frontman of Whiskey Myers, grew up hunting and fishing in East Texas. So naturally, he fit right in with hunter/outdoorsman/conservationist/all-around awesome dude, Steve Rinella.

Cody, along with Whiskey Myers tour manager Chris Alexander and their video/photo guy Kris Poage, recently shipped out to Montana to join Steve Rinella for a duck hunt and an appearance on his MeatEater podcast.

The fellas dug into a whole mess topics in the hunting and fishing world, and then got into some music conversation as well including: why asking “what does a song mean?” is annoying, blurring the lines on genres, when the best country music is really just rock-n-roll, people gravitating towards sad songs and the song called “Sad Song,” starting on music because your wild grandpa leaves a guitar for you, and more.

If you like hunting, fishing and good music, it’s well worth the listen.

And speaking of that .243…

“Ballad Of A Southern Man”

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock