Throwback To Dale Earnhardt Sr. Recording A 1980s, Honky Tonkin’ Country Song – “Hard Charger”

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We all know North Carolina native and NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Sr. was among the best of the best behind the wheel.

The seven-time championship winner (tied with Richard Petty and Jimmie Johnson for most all-time) was known as “The Intimidator” for being an absolute beast on the race track, but did you know he also sang country music? It might be the greatest thing you’ll ever hear, fair warning.

Back in the mid-1980’s, several legendary names in NASCAR, like Kyle Petty, Richard Childress and Bill Elliott, among others, recorded an entire country album. The album was an attempt to promote the sport and reach out to a wider demographic. It was called World Series Of Country Music Proudly Presents Stock Car Racing’s Entertainers Of The Year, Volume One.

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The concept was to have twenty one Grand National drivers all sing a song about themselves. Dale’s was called “Hard Changer,” and the entire album was written by some of the best country music songwriters in Nashville at the time. The Intimidator’s song tells the story of a simple man with a simple life who enjoys being the best at… hard changing. Hence the title, of this should’ve been a hit number one single.

Who knew Sr. had another talent? If you wouldn’t have told me it was him, I would’ve thought it was some one-hit wonder from the world of ’80s country. Whether that’s thanks to great production or he actually had the natural chops, I don’t really care. The song is a straight up honky-tonker.

I think we need a World Series Of Country Music Proudly Presents Stock Car Racing’s Entertainers Of The Year, Volume Two ASAP. Get Ryan Blaney in the mix, Corey LaJoie… they’re country music guys. If nothing else, maybe we could get a cover of “Hard Changer” by someone in country music today. Maybe Riley Green?

Raise hell, praise Dale.


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