Hilarious Video Makes Fun Of “Guys Who Drink Michelob Ultra”

The ol’ boy has done did it again.

You Betcha recently released a hilarious “Guys With Trager Grills” video, and now he’s back going after dudes who drink Michelob Ultra. You know the dudes…

I have to be honest, I’ve put a few of these seltzers down before. It’s never, ever, the go-to, but occasionally you wake up squirrely on a morning with day drinking festivities planned, and you know you need to ease into that mf’er.

You can line the belly with 24 Michelob Ultras just to get the blood flowing, THEN start the day drinking still completely sober.

Send this to your Ultra drinking buddies when they’re done with their workout.

Peloton, and CrossFit folks, look away…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock