Deer Attempts A “Carjacking” After Being Hit On Secluded Road

Welp, that’s a new one.

A video (from 2016) shows a deer aggressively trying to get INTO a car after being hit on a dark, secluded road. Many on the internet were quick to point out it looks like the deer is pissed and attempting a “carjacking” – it sure looks that way even though these wonderful animals don’t drive SUVs.

In all seriousness, the deer is probably completely disoriented after the collision, and doesn’t know what the hell is going on.

Inside Edition had the video from a New Jersey Patrolman’s dash cam:

“Video from a New Jersey Patrolman’s dash cam shows a driver pulled over on the side of the road after having just hit a deer with her car, but then the deer tried to get in the car.

The driver, Ellen Sager, said she pulled over to see if it was ok, but when she opened the car door it must have thought that was an invitation to come inside. She said she pushed her foot into its chest to stop it from coming in. Sager was ok, but unfortunately the deer did not survive its injuries.”

Sad the deer didn’t make it, but he put up a fight when that car door opened.

Watch the craziness unfold. Nature never ceases to amaze…

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