Morgan Wallen Mocks His Alabama Party Shenanigans In Debut SNL Sketch

Morgan Wallen officially made his SNL debut last night, of course it was two months after he was originally supposed to take the stage.

Most likely, you already know what happened, but long story short: Morgan was filmed partying (maskless and making out with about a dozen college girls) down in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the week before his scheduled debut on Saturday Night Live. They gave him the boot for being irresponsible about his pre-show quarantine, but also said he would be invited back in the future.

So here we are, two months later for the big Morgan Wallen debut… and you know they had to do a sketch about Morgan’s pre-show shenanigans.

Alongside host Jason Bateman, Bowen Yang and Pete Davidson, Morgan takes the opportunity to revisit some of his decision making that night in Tuscaloosa.

Honestly, this was pretty damn funny.

You like to see a guy like Morgan have the ability to laugh at himself, and embrace the backlash with comedy, but even the subtle jokes about Lorne Michaels not giving a crap, the girls “promising” not to post videos, Jason Bateman’s one-liner about getting a better host the next time… it was all pretty well done. Not to mention, the message of accountability and the opportunity for a second chance in a time where everybody is looking to cancel someone else.

And Jason Bateman, who made his return to SNL for the first time in 15 years, plays a great redneck.

Of course, his welcome back to the show didn’t go without some opposition. A few people took to social media to voice their outrage:

Morgan also followed up the sketch with a performance of “7 Summers.”

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