Luke Combs Reveals What Country Album He’d Be Listening To At 20, Sitting in a Dorm Room

Luke Combs wearing a hat

SOLID pick here from Luke Combs.

Author Seth Fishman Tweeted out the following question, which caught fire:

“you’re 20, alone in your room/dorm, pining over someone. what music is playing?”

For us, there was a lot of Alan Jackson, Dierks, Brooks & Dunn, etc pumping out of the speakers while we played Madden and put away disgusting amounts of Busch Light. Man, those were the days, huh…

Luke Combs just weighed in, and got even more specific, pointing to that criminally underrated Dierks bluegrass album, Up on the Ridge (released in 2010).

Like I said, great pick by Combs, and can’t stress enough how underrated this album is. If you’ve never given it a chance, or think you’re not into bluegrass, go crank that one.

Still fires me up.

These days quite a few college kids have this guy playin’…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock