Eric Church On “Anything But Mine,” His Favorite Kenny Chesney Song: “There’s Nothing Like The Freedom Of That”

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Love me some Kenny Chesney.

During the formidable years of my childhood, you couldn’t find a mix CD in my house without a Kenny Chesney song on it. “Never Wanted Nothing More,” “I Go Back,” “The Woman With You,” but my all-time favorite might be “Anything But Mine.”

And it just so happens to be Eric Church’s favorite Kenny Chesney tune as well.

At a recent guest DJ session for Kenny’s Poets & Pirates radio, Eric detailed his favorite song, “Anything But Mine,” and why he loves it so much. As a kid growing up in North Carolina, this song takes Eric back to his trips to Myrtle Beach:

“It paints the most beautiful image of everything I lived, I was there, I can smell the salt in the air. But’s it’s the resolves of this song that’s the true genius. It’s the way it lays… and being that age and being in that moment, for that night, knowing what the future didn’t hold, there’s nothing like the freedom of that.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.


Here’s a surprise live performance from Eric Church during the Double Down Tour stop in Cleveland last year.

And the Kenny original:

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