Matthew McConaughey Lost 50 lbs For ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ With Unlimited Wine, Tiny Amounts Of Fish, Egg Whites, Pudding

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Matthew McConaughey recently did a huge press tour for his new book, Greenlights, which is loaded with incredible stories and experiences from his life.

One of those media stops was a sit-down with Joe Rogan, something many have been clamoring for.

There was a ton of great stuff during the podcast episode from October, but Joe being the MMA guy that he is, had to know McConaughey’s process for losing an extreme amount of weight for Dallas Buyers Club, which won him an Oscar.

Matthew’s playing weight is 188, but for the film he got down to 135.

“I lost 2.5 pounds a week like clockwork.”


“I did not torture myself. I was militant. The hardest part was making the damn choice.”

Each day, he ate a couple egg whites, a small piece of fish and some veggies, tapioca pudding and …

“As much wine as I wanted to drink.”

The first part of that diet makes sense for intense weight loss, but the unlimited wine must have been a nice kicker to make the process more enjoyable. Everything is better slightly intoxicated. Those wine hangovers can be brutal, but I’m going to assume he wasn’t buying Barefoot or the good $2 stuff from Trader Joe’s.

Here he is getting into the details.

“You Tested Positive for HIV” scene from Dallas Buyers Club.

And his incredible speech after winning the Oscar.

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A beer bottle on a dock