Whiskey Myers Frontman Cody Cannon Debuts Acoustic Version Of New Song “The Wolf”

Khris Poage/Whiskey Myers


Fresh off Gold certifications for “Ballad of a Southern Man” (off their 2011 album Firewater), and “Stone” (off of their 2016 album Mud), the fellas at Whiskey Myers are already back in the saddle, looking to follow up their stellar self-titled 2019 release, Whiskey Myers.

At an acoustic show at the Lava Cantina in The Colony, Texas, last month, frontman Cody Cannon on acoustic guitar, accompanied by Tony Kent on drums, debuted a brand new song titled “The Wolf.”

This is a brand new song right here, I don’t know if I’ve ever played it and sang it on an acoustic guitar so I’m gonna try it for y’all.”

And if this early acoustic version is any indication, this one is gonna melt faces.

“So who in the hell you think you’re playing with now
You done fucked around and let the wolf out
And I’ll be prowling while you sleep
You be playing for fun, I’m playing to eat.”

Like I said… gonna melt faces.

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