Tyler Childers Celebrates ‘Purgatory’ Gold Certification With Release Of Limited-Edition Gold Vinyl

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It’s safe to say that Tyler Childers is quickly becoming one of the biggest things in country music.

His 2017 album Purgatory has officially been certified Gold.

And sure, Gold records happen all the time, but Tyler has zero support from country radio, and that definitely does NOT happen all the time… or pretty much ever. To achieve the kind of longstanding success Tyler has seen with his 2017 release, Purgatory, can only be attributed to his hard work, sheer talent, and ability to use his authentic country music storytelling to connect with his audience on a real level.

And if nothing else, this just continues to solidify the fact that the country music pendulum is swinging back towards the traditional, country fans are tired of the radio, and most importantly, that it’s possible for artists to achieve huge levels of success without the support of the corporate country machine.

So to celebrate the Gold-certification and the success of the album, Tyler is releasing Purgatory in limited-edition gold vinyl.

“Thanks to everyone who has supported my music along the way. ‘Purgatory’ is now a GOLD record. Management got a Certified Gold merch bundle together that includes a limited edition Gold ‘Purgatory’ vinyl and a remake of one of my first shirts.”

The Purgatory Gold Vinyl bundle will also include a fox t-shirt in addition to Tyler’s 2017 release Purgatory pressed on 180-gram gold vinyl with a metallic Certified Gold sticker on the jacket.

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Purgatory Tracklist:


1) I Swear (To God)
2) Feathered Indians
3) Tattoos
4) Born Again
5) Whitehouse Road


6) Banded Clovis
7) Purgatory
8) Honky Tonk Flame
9) Universal Sound
10) Lady May

“Whitehouse Road,” “Lady May,” and “Feathered Indians” have all been certified Gold as well.

“Feathered Indians”

“Lady May”

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