Sheriff Obliterates Deer While Going 100 MPH, Dashcam Catches It All

Back in 2017, a Minnesota Sheriff from Isanti, County, was responding to an emergency call when in the blink of an eye, he hit a deer head on.

While in pursuit the car reached 100 MPH, and as you’d imagine, plenty of damage was done.

The Sheriff wasn’t injured, and luckily no other cars were involved. The deer obviously wasn’t so lucky…

This sh*t is intense.

Full news report and footage below:

Isanti County Sheriff Deputy, John McCarty hits a deer with his squad car while traveling nearly 100 mph. WCCO’s John Lauritsen investigates the incident and shows how the cop car fared. 

Full dashcam and bodycam footage:

(this one claims he was going 114 MPH, but it appears it was closer to 100)

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A beer bottle on a dock