Riley Green, AKA Son Of The Year, Surprises His Mom With New Car

A man standing next to a car

“You little sneaky sneak.”

Riley Green just hit one of those pivotal steps in many entertainers’ careers. I’m not talking about a song on the radio, I’m not talking about that first #1 single, I’m not talking about a Grammy nominations or stadium gigs… we’re talking about buying your mom a new car.

Once you start making a little bit of money, it’s one of those things you can’t wait to do.

Sharing the video of her reaction to Instagram, Riley revealed that his mom is now the proud owner of a new Jeep.

“Played a terrible trick on my momma this weekend… got her a new car. Thanks for driving me to Wednesday night guitar lessons all those years. You are appreciated. -Tupac”

Son of the year right here.

Riley recently joined us on the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast, talking everything from “Paint Me A Birmingham,” hunting during quarantine, his Golden Saw Series, Morgan Wallen and trying to navigate fame, supporting other artists, recording his unreleased songs, playing shows during COVID, hangover cures and more.

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