Vanderbilt Women’s Soccer Goalie Will Suit Up at Kicker for Today’s Football Game Against Missouri

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Looks like this will be one Saturday that isn’t just for the boys.

With several special teams players in quarantine due to COVID, Vanderbilt needed some help at kicker for today’s game against Mizzou. (And with the team being 3-7 on field goals this season, it seems like they already needed some help anyway).

So Vandy turned to their SEC-champion women’s soccer team and goalie Sarah Fuller.

Fuller made the trip to Missouri with the football team, and Vanderbilt confirmed that she’ll be suited up on the sideline and ready to take the field if she’s needed. (Again, 3-7 on field goals for the year, so she’s probably going to be needed).

If Fuller sees action in today’s game, she’ll be the first female to play in a Power 5 football game, and only the third woman overall to play football at the FBS level.

She’ll also be sporting a “Play Like a Girl” sticker on the back of her helmet, supporting the Nashville-based nonprofit of the same name that works to enable women to play sports and participate in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) programs.

Vanderbilt is currently 0-7 on the season and is facing a tough test at Mizzou, so maybe a shot at making some history will give this team the spark it needs to actually win the game.

And if not, it’s still a pretty cool moment.

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