Cody Johnson Recorded His Phenomenal Cover Of Reba’s “Whoever’s In New England”

You just knew he had to record that.

A few weeks back, Cody released a flawless acoustic cover of Rebas’s 1986 hit “Whoever’s In New England,” but there was one problem… it was so good that fans were begging CoJo to record it.

And today, he delivered.

Written by Kendal Franceschi and Quentin Powers, “Whoever’s In New England,” was the title track and lead single from Reba’s 10th career studio album.

Here’s the original performance video.

Filmed at Orb Recording Studio in Austin, Texas, the performance once again proves why with just a guitar and a microphone, CoJo is easily one of the best in business.

CoJo and Reba also recently teamed up for a killer duet of “Dear Rodeo.”

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock