UFC Legend Chuck Liddell Chokes Out Chase Rice

Night night.

Back when I was a dumb kid, my buddies and I played that “choke out” game so we could kill what few brain cells we had at the time. For those of you thinking “what’s the choke out game?”

It’s exactly what you think…you just choke each other out.

We made it out alright, luckily. Fun times…

It looks as if Chase Rice may have had an itch to see black, but in his case, he called on MMA legend Chuck Liddell to do the honors.

“Why not get choked out by one of the best fighters of all time. May have tapped like a pansy ass but we took it all the way to me bein blacked. I’ll get ya next time @chuckliddell🤘🏼Good times.”

Say goodnight.

Chase and Chuck were at E3 Ranch.

Never forget this arm punch.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock