On This Date: Randy Travis Releases The Iconic 2002 Hit, “Three Wooden Crosses”

Randy Travis is an undisputed country music icon, a heavyweight among the legendary names throughout the entire history of the genre, and a personal hero of countless country music stars today (at least the ones making music that’s worth a damn).

And on this date, 18 years ago, he released one of the landmark hits of his entire career.

Written by Kim Williams and Doug Johnson, “Three Wooden Crosses” was released in 2002 off Randy’s Rise & Shine record, and went on to become his 16th number one single. The songs tells a powerful story about a fatal bus accident involving 4 passengers: a preacher, a hooker, a farmer and a teacher, and how their lives (and deaths) would go on to impact future generations.

Of course, the hooker survives the crash, but on that trip, her encounter with the preacher led her to a life of faith, ultimately birthing a preacher son who would go on to tell this story. It’s a song about legacy, it’s a song about redemption, it’s a song about faith… and it’s arguably the biggest song of Randy’s career.

When you think Randy Travis, you think “Forever And, Ever Amen,” you think “Deeper Than the Holler,” and you unquestionably you think “Three Wooden Crosses.”

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