My Mind Was Blown Realizing The Bad Wingman (Cole Hauser) In ‘The Break-Up’ Is Rip Wheeler

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At first, I thought it was just me.

I took a lung-filling hit of weed, was watching Yellowstone, and thought – “What else has Rip Wheeler (actor Cole Hauser) been in?”

You see the name Cole Hauser is one of those actor names that sounds familiar, but you’re not really sure what they’ve acted in. When you look them up, you see a bunch of stuff you recognize, and think oh yeah, OK that guy. I remember him.

Wait what.

Rip/Cole was Vince Vaughn’s bad wingman in The Break-Up!? WTF. That’s the same guy?

I showed my wife – she couldn’t believe it.

Came to the office, showed Wes – he couldn’t believe it.

This is the same guy?

When you see a Matthew McConaughey transform his body for a role, you still know it’s him. It’s clear. With Cole, this is arguably his biggest role to date. He becomes the character for many viewers – you hear his real name, and it almost doesn’t register based on the previous smaller roles.

Then you see this and think holy hell – stop traffic.

Also in Dazed and Confused.

Fast forward to today, and Cole is one of People Magazine’s “Sexiest Men Alive” and he’s recreating Beth Dutton’s trough scene, not to mention a total badass on a show people can’t get enough of.

He put on weight for the role, dyed his hair and beard, gained muscle, learned a lot about horseback riding, and plenty more to fuel the transformation into “Rip.”

…and he’s crushing it.

Oh yeah, I can’t forget Good Will Hunting.


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