Kid Getting Destroyed On ‘Shark Tank’ Video Is The Hardest I’ve Laughed In A While

This is some of the best video editing you’re ever going to see.

Everyone knows Shark Tank – I think I’ve seen every episode three times because the reruns go on for eternity. Occasionally, the show features a young and very entrepreneurial child who goes in to showcase what they’ve done, typically seeking smaller deals compared to more established or high-volume companies.

That’s the case here with Jack from Denver and his business, Jack’s Stands and Marketplaces – he begins by asking for $50,000 for 10% of his company, and that’s when the fun starts.

Listen – this video is fake. To me, clearly fake and hilarious. But, this is the internet and many, many, people are on the internet. Many of those people are not bright.

This video racked up 2M views since debuting in December of 2019 (it’s making the rounds again), and many of the comments on YouTube are people with strange profile photos angry, screaming “THIS NEVER HAPPENED! IT’S FAKE!”

Correct, it’s a joke and a damn good one.

Watch this little fella get completely destroyed.

“He’s a con artist!”

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A beer bottle on a dock