I Just Found Out That Tracy Lawrence’s “Paint Me A Birmingham” Isn’t About The City In Alabama

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Mind. Is. Blown.

“Paint Me A Birmingham” is one of my all-time favorite country songs, released in 2003 (later than most people think) by the great Tracy Lawrence. And although it never went to number one (also a surprise to most people), it’s arguably the biggest song of his career.

And… it’s NOT about Birmingham, Alabama.

On an episode of The Justin Moore Podcast, Tracy explained the real meaning to Justin and his tour manager JR:

“Birmingham is a style of lake house… it’s got the porch going all the way around, man. If you’ve listened to it since then, it makes more sense. That was one of the magical things about that song because it can have multiple meanings. Obviously, the people living in Alabama though it was about Birmingham and the people that are architecturally  knowledgeable know that it’s about a style of house.

But it was really about longing to be back with that person that you missed being with, and you know you messed up, and that time and place is gone forever… you just want that back.”

Sorry to the folks from Alabama whose world just came crashing down after that, but “Paint Me A Birmingham” is NOT about the city in Alabama, in fact, it’s about a house. Architecture in country music… who would’ve thought?

I could’ve gone my entire life without knowing that… and would’ve never even thought to ask.

Written by Buck Moore and Gary Duffy, the 2003 Tracy Lawrence hit…

“Paint Me A Birmingham”

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