14-Hour Line At New Colorado In-N-Out Burger Sparks Drive-Thru Fight Where Dude Loses His Pants

Alright, lemme just say this first…


This past Friday, Colorado made headlines by opening this first In-N-Out locations in the state, one in Colorado Springs and one in Aurora, and let’s just say… people are lunatics. The Aurora location saw lines 14 hours long, YES, 14 HOURS LONG. I’m not sure where the next closest one is, but you could literally drive to another state and be served in less than 14 hours.

And naturally, tensions ran hot.

Allegedly starting over the driver cutting in line (shocker), it wouldn’t be 2020 without a drive-thru brawl at the grand opening. And the kicker? One dude lost his pants in the scrap.

Fights are a dime a dozen on the internet, most of them better than this one. And the only reason this one is funny is because this dork’s pants came off mid-tussle. But imagine fighting another man in a fast food, drive-thru line after waiting for 14 hours, and now you’re standing there with no pants while security tries to calm you down. How are you not standing wondering where it all went wrong at that point? How do you have nothing better to do than to wait in a 14-hour line for a cheeseburger? How did you let a guy literally beat the pants off you? Are you that excited to order fries animal style? Reevaluate your life man…

Also, In-N-Out… not that good. I said it…

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A beer bottle on a dock