VIDEO: Bengals QB Joe Burrow Suffers Torn ACL & MCL (Warning: It’s Gruesome)

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Well, it’s official.

The injury of Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is worse than originally suspected. It seems like Joe knew right away that his season was over, but team doctors have confirmed that the rookie, and #1 overall pick, has suffered a torn ACL, a torn MCL, along with other structural knee damage.

He’s set to undergo reconstructive surgery on the knee, but is looking at about 9 months of rehab before he can get back on the field. Whether or not he’ll be ready for the start of the season next year is still way up in the air, but they’re hopeful he’ll be back by Week 1.

And of course, some folks on Twitter slowed down a clip of the injury so you can definitely see, in unnecessary detail, the moment the knee goes to pieces, popping out and back in again. Like I really need to see how it happened on my Twitter feed?

To be honest, I could barely even watch it… but I had to, just enough to get this blog up.

Joe was off to a solid start in his rookie year, and the future looked bright for the Bengals with him at the helm. But more than that, a young stud like Joe is flat-out good for the game and good for the league.

Here’s to a speedy, full recovery.

Here’s the full sequence.

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