Miranda Lambert Announces Mission To Help Senior Dogs & Pets Injured During Natural Disasters

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Photo credit: Becky Fluke

You love to see it…

Miranda Lambert is incredibly passionate about helping pets and just announced a new plan to help those injured during natural disasters, as well as senior dogs.

Lambert’s MuttNation Fund at Waggle was initially launched in September to help pay pets’ medical expenses as the result of COVID-19’s financial impact on those in the country music industry.

When it comes to the fund’s new expansion and plan to help even more, Miranda said, “Helping shelter pets during natural disasters has always been a core part of MuttNation’s mission and, this year, there’s been so many hurricanes they ran out of names; and the wildfires burned forever.”

“After losing Waylon earlier this month – he was just shy of 13, I know how important and how costly it can be to keep our older pets healthy. Especially this year, and at this time of year, we’re so thankful to be able to do something to help people save their pets through our MuttNation Fund at Waggle.”

Helluva job, Miranda.

The first pet to receive help from of the newly broadened MuttNation Fund at Waggle is Lilly, a 13-year-old Whippet mix from Harrington, NJ in need of treatment for liver cancer. You can learn more about Lilly here.

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Applications for the MuttNation Fund at Waggle is open to anyone who with a dog or a cat that’s been injured during a natural disaster or a senior dog in need of veterinary care.

Apply for support here.

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