“Masshole” Claims To Have COVID, Repeatedly Spits At Two Hikers For… Not Wearing A Mask?

Have we settled on the male-equivalent of Karen yet?

I’ve heard Terry, I’ve heard Daren (just because it rhymes), I’ve heard Kevin… we just need to agree on one and settle it once and for all, ok?

Anyways, this bozo comes to us from the Northeast, Massachusetts to be exact, and now that the internet is working hard to identify him, so are the state police.

According to CNN, two women were hiking the Hudson Overlook on the Midstate Trail in Ashburnham when this clown aggressively approached them, and began berating them for not wearing a mask… outside… in the woods… where no people are around.

“You’re not wearing a mask? That’s not the law, that’s not the law… selfish is what it is, completely irresponsible.”

And then, in a bizarre twist, the man start spitting at them after claiming that he had COVID.

“OK, I have COVID. I have COVID, I’ve been tested positive,” he says while he continues to spit at them. One of the hikers responded, “Are you OK?” And he confirms what we all already knew.

“No…  you won’t be soon.”


We’ve seen anti-maskers all across the spectrum, we’ve seen hyper maskers that won’t leave the house without a hazmat suit, and we’ve seen everything in between. And the folks spitting and coughing on other people are always the ones that don’t wear masks. So to this guy I say… if you’re worried about people spreading the virus, why are you coughing and spitting on people, AKA SPREADING THE VIRUS?

Every day man… every day I turn on the internets and I get more and more confused.

Police say the man could be charged with misdemeanor assault, along with a charge of false threat of a biological agent, which is a felony.

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