Girl Bawls Her Eyes Out When Mom Puts Cornish Hen In The Turkey – A Classic Thanksgiving Prank

‘Tis the season.

Whether it’s dads screaming at their kids about microwaving a turkey, kids thinking the neck is a turkey dick, some guy about to burn his garage down trying to deep fry it, or the classic Cornish hen prank… Thanksgiving just seems to bring out the chaos.

In this viral Thanksgiving prank video from a few years back, the mom stuffs the turkey with a Cornish hen to convince her daughters that turkey was pregnant, but when one of them burst into tears over the “baby turkey” inside, it went from funny to downright hysterical.

Of course, most people know that turkeys lay eggs (like all birds do), but as soon as she pulled that little Cornish hen out, all logic went out the window.

“There’s a turkey in the turkey… it’s a girl.”


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock