Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback Joe Burrow Out For The Season: “See Ya Next Year”

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Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

You just hate to see this.

After an apparent knee injury during this afternoon’s game against the Washington Football Team (we’re still calling them that, huh?), Joe Burrow has confirmed via Twitter that he’ll be hanging it up for the year.

The extent of the injury is not know at this time.

Whether you’re a Bengals fan or not, it just sucks to see this happen to a young stud like Burrow.

The #1 overall pick, a rookie quarterback having a solid year, a guy that seems to be well-liked across the entire league and poised for a bright future… it just sucks all the way around. For Joe and the Bengals obviously, but for the entire league as well.

Here’s the play that caused the injury.

Special moment between the #1 and #2 overall picks.

Other players across the league shared support for Joe as well.

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