Five Of The Best Country Walkout Songs In UFC History

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Nothing beats the moment the lights go down and your favorite fighter (or at least the one you bet on) walks out of the tunnel and makes their way to the cage.

The nerves, the lights, the (hopefully one day again) crowd and, maybe most importantly, the walkout music. The choice of walk out song says a lot about the fighter. Do they fight angry or calm? Are they a showman or reserved? What type of person are they?

While rap and rock dominate most fighters’ walkout songs, there are a select few who decide to lock themselves in a cage with the country blasting, and in my humble opinion, that’s an absolute statement. They don’t need heavy bass or sound effects. Just them, an opponent and good old redneck anthem.

Here’s the fighters with the Top 5 walkout songs in UFC history.

5. Tanner Boser – “Motorcycle” by Colter Wall

We’ve already talked about the overall badassery of Tanner Boser, so he clearly deserves a spot on this list. Walking out to a good ole fashioned western swing song is a move very few can pull off. Got to respect the Canadian dedication.

4. Amanda Nunes – “Champion” by Carrie Underwood

“Champion” isn’t one of the best songs that the ultra-talented Carrie Underwood has put out, but the double champ and undisputed greatest female fighter of all time, Amanda Nunes, deserves a spot on any UFC Top Whatever list due to her complete dominance against all but one opponent in her UFC career.

And that one loss was against Cat Zingano, one of the best fighters to walk planet earth. It’s really cool the Brazilian born fighter chooses to walk out to Carrie Underwood, and proof country can be loved worldwide.

3. Robbie Lawler – “Ain’t No Grave” by Johnny Cash

“Ruthless” Robbie Lawler is one of the greatest brawlers in the history of Mixed Martial Arts, and his stone-cold appearance while walking out to the Man in Black gives even the toughest of men shivers. If you watch his fights, Lawler is a fan favorite for obvious reasons, never backing down, regardless of who he stands across from.

Robbie is one of the toughest men to have graced the planet and there’s no better representation of this than a Johnny Cash walkout song.

2. Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone – “Cowboy” by Kid Rock

Is Kid Rock really country? Maybe not, but there is no denying the outlaw in both him and Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. Cowboy has been one of the most popular fighters on the scene since his Pro MMA debut back in 2006 and continues to draw a fierce loyalty from his and UFC fans alike.

The all-time UFC leader in Wins, Finishes, and Fights, Cowboy lives up too his name out of the octagon as well, living and working on his ranch in New Mexico with his wife and sons (Named Danger and Riot), riding snow mobiles, ATV’s, jet skis and any other motorized vehicle he can get his hands on, with a Henry Rifle never too far out of reach…

1. Matt Hughes – “A Country Boy Can Survive” by Hank Williams Jr.

Can you argue with Hank Jr.? Matt Hughes is an absolute legend of the sport and can take a fair amount of credit for putting MMA on the mainstream map. His walkouts to “A Country Boy Can Survive” are widely regarded as one of the greatest entrances in UFC history, and his prominence as a world class fighter makes it that much more special.

BONUS: Tyson Fury – “Crazy” by Patsy Cline

Not a UFC fighter, but still an epic entrance.

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