Chris Stapleton Delivers Full Throttle Performance Of “Arkansas” To Open The 2020 NASCAR Awards

Death, taxes, and Chris Stapleton crushing live performances.

We’ve grown to expect nothing but greatness anytime Chris grabs a guitar and gets on stage, and last night, he once again exceeded expectations.

Opening the 2020 NASCAR Awards show on NBC Sports, Chris and company performed their face-melting “Arkansas,” a fitting song for the occasion considering the rebellious, bootlegging roots of the sport, and lyrics about ripping across the country in a Porsche 911.

“Took a 911 ’bout a hundred and seven down a back road”
“Well, we burned through the one light towns like a scalded dog
When we lit out of Fayetteville, they were callin’ the hogs
We made a pit stop in Little Rock for some barbecue
And when we hit West Memphis there were blue lights in our rear view”

“Gotta get down, gotta get down to Arkansas
Havin’ so much fun that it’s probably a little bit against the law”

Joined, as usual, by his wife Morgane singing harmonies, Chris and the entire band put on a tight, professional performance in the classic Stapleton MO: Nothing too fancy, just make it sound great. Mission accomplished.

And if you remember a few weeks back, Luke Combs kicked off the NASCAR Cup Series Championship with a performance of “Blue Collar Boys”

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