Trail Cam Catches Heroic Florida Man Wrestling Tiny Puppy From The Jaws Of An Alligator

What’s a hero?

Some folks might call their mom or dad a hero, their sister or brother, a friend they look up to. Others would call the brave men and women of our military heroes, our first responders, our doctors and nurses and frontline workers right now. And if you’re Matthew McConaughey, maybe it’s yourself in 10 years.

And then there is this guy. An absolute HERO, in all caps, by anybody’s definition.

I don’t really have any context or backstory for what’s going on here other than this video popped off on TikTok, but this Florida man was apparently out for a walk with his young pup when a gator snatched him and took him into the water.

So what did the man do?


(Warning: you do hear the puppy squeal quite bit so if you don’t want to hear that, maybe hit the mute button)

The video was captured on a Browning trail cam, most likely triggered by motion, and you can see him emerge from UNDER THE WATER with the alligator in his hands. He rips that SOB’s jaws open and after struggling for a moment, the pup falls out of his mouth and runs away to safety.

According to the original poster, the dog was fine but it doesn’t seem like anybody knows who the man is, how this all happened, if he got bit in the process as well, or what he did with the gator.

I’m sure local news will on this guy’s doorstep once this gets around the interwebs and we can update accordingly.

Either way, Florida man… certified HERO.

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