A 2025 Ford Bronco Pickup Truck Is Reportedly In The Works

Ford Authority

It’s happening people.

Even since the rumors of the new Ford Bronco started spilling onto the internet, people started speculating about anything and everything. From what it was gonna look like, to what kind of models would be offered, there was even this rumor about a Bronco pickup truck in the pipeline as well.

And now that the new Bronco is here, Bronco fans are starting to ask the logical next question… so when’s the truck coming? And as it turns out, 2025 is the answer.

According to Automobile Mag, a source at Ford has confirmed that the goal for the truck is a 2025 model, hitting the showroom floor in mid-2024.

“The Bronco pickup will offer the same equipment and trim packages as the standard Bronco, like the GOAT-mode terrain-management system, as well as the Badlands, Big Bend, Black Diamond, Outer Banks, and Wildtrak specifications. The Bronco’s Sasquatch package is also likely to make the transition. However, the Bronco pickup will only be available in four-door Crew Cab configuration.”

They’re expecting it to follow a similar price point as the standard Bronco as well, starting somewhere around $30,000 and reaching upwards of $60,000 for loaded models.

The good folks at Ford Authority also cooked up some concept renderings, and then look pretty damn cool.

Ford Authority
Ford Authority

She’s a beauty.