Zach Bryan’s New Song “Cold, Damn Vampires” Was Inspired By An Overpriced Verizon Bill

Zach Bryan has risen up the ranks rather quickly since bursting onto the scene with his viral debut record DeAnn  in 2019.

Since then, he has released a ton of raw and emotional new music that both us, and his fans, just continue to eat up. His latest song, “Cold, Damn Vampires” is no different.

What makes Bryan so appealing is his ability to take real world experiences and write them beautifully in a song. And sometimes, he draws his inspiration from unexpected places. This song, as stated by Zach Bryan in the intro, is inspired by a Verizon bill that he believed to be overpriced.

Now, most of us untalented hacks get into a screaming match with a representative on the phone at Verizon and spend the rest of the day pissed off, but not Zach Bryan. No, he gets to use his God-given gift and turn it into a beautiful song.

So next time you feel like you’ve been ripped off by some corporate company maybe turn on “Cold, Damn Vampires” and it’ll make you feel better… at least for a little while.

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